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Young Adults


To multiply the gospel of Jesus Christ by building a community of active church members.


To aide, encourage, and cultivate relationships with believers and nonbelievers in class, church, and social settings to further the kingdom of God.

Core Values

Kindness - We are sensitive to the needs of others, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Self control -  We control our emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations.  

Loving - We put others needs before our own. We serve others for good, not for what others bring us.

Peaceful - We are confident and take rest in the wisdom and sovereignty of God more than our own.

Faithful - We are loyal and committed to God, His Word, His Church, and our families.

Joyful - We delight in God, His salvation and worth of who He is.

Goodness - We are firm and persistent in resisting all moral evil, and choosing all moral good.

Gentleness - We are polite, tender, and mild mannered in our behavior towards others.

Patience -  We joyfully endure trouble of the world knowing that God is sovereign and in control of all situations.

Current Study: Fireproof

The Fireproof Your Marriage small group curriculum is founded on Biblical principles for strong, God-centered, lifelong marriages. This 6-week study uses exclusive video clips from Fireproof along with thought-provoking discussion questions, and individual and couples' devotionals to challenge members to grow deeper spiritually and in their relationship. Leader's Kit includes: 6-session DVD, Leader's Guide and Participant's Guide. Can be used with or without the movie.

After seeing FIREPROOF, couples will contemplate the state of their relationship. The FIREPROOF Curriculum from Outreach provides the opportunity for couples to work through these important relational issues.

Featuring clips from the movie, this curriculum is ideal for small groups, Sunday school classes, premarital classes, or for couples to do on their own at home. The six-part study challenges couples to look at love as a lifetime commitment.

Study topics include:

  • Forgiveness
  • Marriage as a covenant
  • God-designed differences
  • Unconditional love

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